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Why Buyer Requests are Not Showing on Fiverr?

buyer requests are not showing on Fiverr

Buyers Requests Not Showing on Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge marketplace for freelancers who want to earn and make money. Fiverr has a system of BUYER and SELLER. The buyer posts the requests which contain their specific requirements and the seller can see them in their BUYER REQUESTS tab.

In this, firstly you have to make your page at After that, you have to open your profile and then click on the selling option. By clicking it, buyer’s requests will come and you might see many requests for your gig.

Fiverr Buyer Requests

You have to read and select carefully the buyer’s requests while selling your offer to those people who got impressed by your gig.


Nowadays, a new issue has been raised about Fiverr due to which many people got worried and are trying to solve this issue as soon as possible.

This new query is that buyer’s requests are not being showing on Fiverr. Why is that?

No Buyer Request

5 Tips on How to Get More Buyer Requests on Fiverr?

Fiverr is the platform on which a huge number of sellers sell their services and buyers usually purchase them according to their interests and requirement. But if buyer’s requests are not being showing on Fiverr then many people might suffer from a huge loss and the fame of this website will also disturb.

The common causes of this issue include:

  • Unrelated provision category choice.
  • No or less commotion on Fiverr.
  • Seller level Relegation.
  • Time variance.
  • Profile abilities and narrative is dissimilar than provided offer.

Unrelated Provision Category Choice

To see the demands of buyers, Fiverr allows them to select a specific sort of their own need. Sometimes the sellers might add some irrelevant things in their gigs while offering some products.

In such cases, the buyers could claim that some inappropriate things are present in the offer of seller and as a result Fiverr stops showing the requests of buyers.

This issue could be resolved by adapting following measures:

  • Think of your gig and choose category accordingly
  • Use title, description, and tags according to the gig category
  • DO NOT use any tags, title or description irrelevant to the gig presented

No or Less Activity on Fiverr

Fiverr has it’s own filters for buyer to search for the best gig. There is a filter named “ONLINE” which shows online sellers on Fiverr.

A big reason why you are not seeing the buyer request is your ACTIVITY on Fiverr. Try to be ONLINE the maximum time of the day. Be consistent on Fiverr as patience and consistency is the KEY!

If you keep active on Fiverr, you will notice in a few days that your gig stats, impressions, and clicks will get better. BUT, for that, your gig must be optimized.

So, keep visiting the Fiverr Buyer Request section and keep refreshing it after a while and you will see the result just in a few days!


Seller Level Demotion

When you are working on any website as a freelancer then most important thing to enhance your earning is to improve your ratings. If your rating is more, you can sell more gigs you have made about and many people will buy things from you.

On the other hand, if your rating is less then fewer people will buy things from you. So, high ranking is a necessary thing in this profession.

It is because Fiverr reduces the profile activity in case the reviews are not good or the rating is going down again and again. Hence, try to get 5-star rating and earn client trust.

Keep your profile analytics up and running. Try to get no warning in 60 days period. Avoid order cancellation and respond to buyer chat in seconds.


Fiverr Profile Analytics

Some people which have newly started using Fiverr have less or no rating and thus they face demotion there. Many bad reviews can also take your rating down.

But this matter can be solved by:

  • Try to improve your rating by satisfying the buyer
  • Use highly creative and managed ideas while making projects
  • Use latest designing techniques to inspire people with your gigs
  • Try to think positively in case of any demotion
  • Never get discouraged while seeing less rating. You can take it up!

Time Variance

It could be considered as a biggest reason of buyer’s request not showing on Fiverr. When timing variation will be present between buyer and seller then a communication gap will come between them due to which sellers cannot see any buyer requests on the buyer requests section.

This issue can be resolved by:

  • Try to be online as much as you can and keep checking buyer request
  • Respond to the chat within an hour if you want to boost profile


Profile abilities and narrative is dissimilar than provided offer

Sometimes the offer shown by seller doesn’t match with his profile. When a buyer sees this difference, he gets confused and thus stop seeing the offer of seller on Fiverr. It is also a common issue between buyer and seller. When profile of any seller will be different and the given offer will be different then such sellers will become unable to share any of their offer with buyers.

For example, you are only a web developer and you are offering services of article writing. So, that will confuse the buyer for sure.

This issue can be managed by:

  • Offer gigs that are similar to your skill set

Respond Quickly

Respond quickly to the showing buyer requests really matters! More you respond on the buyer requests on Fiverr, more you will see new buyer requests.

It doesn’t takes too long for the buyer request to escape from your area of access. So, the only trick is to respond to the buyer requests quickly when you can see it in your area of access.

BUT, don’t write just a simple and rough proposal – Try to add some attractive and unique points that attracts the buyer. Just be short, comprehensive, choose your word carefully and which are favorable to the buyer in order to fix the buyer requests not showing on Fiverr.

Keep Promoting Your Services

No doubt that you need to respond to the buyer request quickly in order to fix the buyer request not showing on Fiverr – that’s the strongest trick!

But, why don’t you use other resources to promote your gigs while you can?

Fiverr Gig Promotion

Keep sharing and promoting your gig inside and outside of Fiverr. Sharing the gig can increase the gig stats which will automatically boost up your gig and profile. As a result, you will be able to see more buyer requests and more activity on Fiverr.

The most effective way is to promote your Fiverr gig on LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs and other social media platforms. You will see the magic that your promotions will be start converting into sales.


These were some tricks and trip for Freelancers on Fiverr that will help to fix the issue of buyer request not showing on Fiverr. Apply these tricks and you will see that your Fiverr profile will boost up a lot.

Hope this helped you a lot. If you got some other important points to add in this, please share your thoughts below in the comments.

Sharing is caring. Happy Selling!

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