[Buyer Request Template Included] 5 Tips for Writing Killer Buyer Request on Fiverr 2022

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If you are a beginner in the freelancing world, and just created a profile on Fiverr, then you must be looking for something which might help you to get orders. Well, considering this very concern, we have come up with top amazing tips and a High Converting Killer Fiverr Buyer Request Template which will help you in getting the orders. Hence, establishing your high-rated profile on Fiverr. Fiverr is the best platform for beginners to start earning. And, you probably might know that there is an option of buyer request on Fiverr through which you could send the requests to the clients, and in return, you get an 80% chance of getting the orders from them.

No matter if you are a beginner or already a Fiverr account holder having the profile of level one or level two. If you are not getting orders, then you might need to learn some tips about how to send an effective buyer’s request, which are as follows. Due to the fact that Fiverr buyer requests are the key to securing orders, and by using a Killer Fiverr Buyer Request Template, one increases his/her chances of getting the project. So, here are some tips on how to exactly write an effective buyer request on Fiverr.

Some Effectual Tips on How to Write A Killer Buyer Request on Fiverr

Well, if you know about marketing then you can get the orders by doing freelance marketing. Anyhow, there is another superlative way to get orders is sending buyer requests on Fiverr, directly.  You might have sent a Fiverr buyer request, but still, if you didn’t get any order, then there must be some mistakes that you are making. So, it is necessary to write an effective buyer request which can persuade the buyer to come and avail of your services. Follow the below-mentioned tips to get more orders and earn more money.

Buyer Requests on Fiverr

1. Keep the Structure of Your Buyer Request on Fiverr Easy And Simple

First thing first, when you write a buyer request on Fiverr, don’t go for the difficult words or phrases that the buyer couldn’t understand. Keep the structure and language you use, much simple so that it will help the buyer to understand everything you want to say.

On the other hand, using technical language might make your buyer run away as he will not get the thing you want to say. And, he won’t read any further. So, it will be better if you go with simple and easy sentences.

To help you make better sales, you can check out our Sales Driven Fiverr Buyer Request Template at the bottom of this post.

2. Show Your Work If Asked

Usually, buyers ask for the work that you have done which is quite similar to their project, as proof. This thing helps to build your trust in them. So, you must show your work, if you have. This tip is beneficial for the freelancers who are already using Fiverr and have a profile as a level one or level two seller.

You should build an online portfolio to show off your work. This thing will convince the buyer to send you the message, and he obviously will want to get the task done from you, as he will get impressed by your samples if they seem to fulfill his/her project’s requirements.

3.  Don’t Copy And Paste the Same Template Over And Over

Some freelancers do this major mistake every time while sending a Fiverr buyer request. They just copy and paste the same template to every buyer even without reading the job description. This is absolutely a wrong approach.

What you need to do is every time, read the job description in a calm manner, and try to understand what the buyer actually wants. If you understand everything, it is well and good, then make another attractive template. Write that you have completely understood what exactly he/she wants, and you can do this quite perfectly. Then, send that to the buyer.

To overcome this Copy Paste Template issue, we’ve designed a Result Driven Fiverr Buyer Request Template which you can check at the end of this post.

4. Understand Everything that Your Buyer Want

Usually, the beginners do this very common mistake that they don’t read the job description and send the same template to every buyer. This thing won’t let you get any orders. And, at some specific point, you might get disappointed. So, it will be better if you first give it a read. Try to understand everything that your buyer wants to say, Try to understand what he is demanding.

When you completely understand the job description, then start to write your Fiverr buyer request in simple and easy words. Attach some work samples as proof that you completely understand the work and you have done it before (only if you have done it), or the similar one.

5. Set the Best Bidding Price in Your Buyer Request on Fiverr

Mostly the buyers on Fiverr focus on the price. So, it is the pro tip for noobs that always set the lowest price. It will attract the buyers to drop a message in your inbox, and have a further discussion. This will increase the chances of getting orders for you.

Once the buyer gets landed in your inbox, it will be much easy for to get him convinced and take the order. In addition, if you are having a profile of a level one or level two seller, then go for the average price. Another, thing you can do is if the buyer has set the price of $50 in his requirements. then, you should go for $45. It is the most effective thing that will bring buyers to your inbox.

BONUS: High Converting Fiverr Buyer Request Template

Freelancing on Fiverr isn’t easy as a beginner anymore. The competition is just getting stronger & stronger. The more you niche down, the more you provide unique services, the more the chances you will succeed on Fiverr.

Below is the best buyer request template especially for beginners

” Note: My blog post will rank on Google.” —- A catchy result or hook at first line.


Hi [client name]! Your work request caught my attention because I love to write about [ BLOCKCHAIN ]. What exactly do you need in a blog post about [Blockchain]?


Do you have any competitors to outperform? Let me know how many words would be enough.


I’m free all day. Let’s hop on a call anytime.


P.S: Oh and don’t worry, I will send you free 100 words sample!



Your next seller!

Final Words

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend applying these tips and using the provided sample buyer request template. Because a request written properly will increase the chances of getting orders. Follow these steps accurately, and see how you will get orders. This ultimately means that there will be a significant increment in your earnings. Thus, your profile will become more stable, and you can even get the customers who will work with you in the very long run.


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