23 Best Fiverr Gigs for Beginners With No Experience

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There are many Fiverr gigs for beginners with no experience that requires basic skills and help to earn a lot of money.

In this technical era, it becomes easy to earn money without any proper skill. There are a lot of things that people can offer on Fiverr to take a start and make money.

Are you looking for gig ideas that need no skills? If so, we have you covered. Here is a precise answer for you.

As a beginner with no experience, you can make web research, social media posting, Ad copywriting, product promotion, and data entry gigs.

These services require minimum effort and help to earn a lot of benefits. With these gigs, you can also get ranked on the Fiverr search page and more buyer’s attention.

Moreover, in this blog post, we will share the 23 best gigs that beginners can make to start their Fiverr journey. So let’s dive in.

Top Fiverr Gigs for Beginners with No Experience

Here is a list of 23 top Fiverr gigs that beginners with no experience can make to start earning. Have a look at them and choose the services you can offer efficiently.

1. Web Research

Google search is something that anyone can do easily.

Especially high school and college students who are masters of searching for things online because of their unlimited assignments.

But they don’t know they can earn money using this skill.

Some companies pay freelancers to research topics. This service can be offered to an e-commerce store, website publishers, and bloggers.

2. Guest Posting

Create guest posting sites list using email cold outreach.

A simple example is, you convince the admin of the site to publish the post for $20 and charge the client more than $30.

This is an effortless way to earn money. All you need is to build trust and credibility through high-quality work. People will surely come back to you. 

3. Product Promotion

You can earn a lot of money by promoting products on social media sites.

To promote the products, you need to post and share videos and images of the products with proper tags.

It is one of the best gigs for beginners because it is quick to rank with the right keywords.

4. Proofreading

This is something that beginners can offer effortlessly.

To offer this service, you need the ability to read and catch basic grammar and punctuation mistakes.

This task may look easy but it is not because proofreading requires a lot of attention.

Some freelancers use Grammarly to catch mistakes but it doesn’t always provide exact results. So read the whole text yourself and remove the mistakes.

5. Image Background Removal

You can offer image background removal services on Fiverr as a beginner to catch the attention of buyers.

Within 5 seconds, you can remove the background of the picture using Canva Pro or other online professional graphic design tools.

6. Balance Sheets

You can create spreadsheets for many companies and businesses.

With this gig, you can charge a lot of money and get ranked easily.

By offering the right services you can earn more than $150 only for one balance sheet.   

7. Virtual Assistant

This is one of the easiest jobs to offer as all you have to do is handle the side tasks of entrepreneurs and project managers.

By creating this gig, you will need to enter data, manage e-commerce stores, or do simple WordPress-related tasks. You can also charge for monthly, weekly, or daily tasks.

8. Data Entry

This is one of the effortless tasks to do but might require a lot of time.

However, as a beginner, you must create a data entry gig.

The reason is many small business owners and entrepreneurs look for data entry experts to handle their writing, research, and data entry work.  

9. Social Media Posting

If you love to spend time on social media, use your hobby to earn some money.

Many companies are looking for social media experts for their products or business promotions.

In this gig, you will need to create multiple posts, handle clients, and promote products on a wide scale through ads. 

10. Video Clips

Videos have invaded all the corners of social media and at this time it is best to offer video clip services on Fiverr.

To offer this service, all you need is a mobile phone, an excellent video editing app, and basic video editing skills. 

11. Product Reviews

By writing reviews for products, you can help many e-commerce stores to sell their products and earn a lot of money.

This gig is in demand because a new product takes a lot of time to gain popularity.

Also, people don’t buy new products until they see any reviews.

The reason is reviews help people to ensure whether the product is worthy for them or not. 

To create this gig, you need good product knowledge and some writing skills. Keep the writing tone clear and avoid grammar or spelling mistakes.

12. User Testing

If you are looking for a simple idea to generate side income, User testing is one of the things you can do.

Tech companies hire freelancers to test their modules, apps, software, and other products.

They need these individuals to make sure there is no error in their product before the final launch.  

13. Job Descriptions

Many developers and freelancers are looking for writers who can write CVs and resumes for them. To offer this service, you only need to adapt to the latest writing pattern. 

14. Speech Writing

This gig is a part of the Writing & Translation category.

If you have efficient command of grammar and language, you can offer speech-writing services to clients.

However, you may need to pass the Basic English test on Fiverr to publish the gig. 

15. Convert the Article To a Video

You can earn money by creating videos for the clients according to the articles they provide.

It is one of the highest-paying gigs for beginners so make sure to benefit from it.

To make this gig, you only need video editing software and a mobile phone. 

16. White Paper Writing

This gig is also suitable for beginners with no skill.

In this gig, you will need to create white papers for companies, marketing, and offering consulting services.

Moreover, you can write about services and products that help people resolve problems.

17. Ad Copywriting

In this gig, you will need to write keywords for the search engine.

There are endless ideas for this gig as you can sell anything from t-shirts to blog posts.

Moreover, when it comes to ranking, ad copywriting is easy to get ranked.

18. Mug Design

As the name suggests, you need to create some unique designs for mugs.

It helps beginners to get ranked on Fiverr easily.

So offer to design the client’s coffee mug, beer mug, or any other mug you want to design.

19. Email Copywriting

On Fiverr, this job is among the most valuable ones.

All you have to do is to write emails for your clients according to their requirements.

But you must take care of your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

20. LinkedIn Profiles

You can earn money by creating a LinkedIn profile for professionals and entrepreneurs.

This gig is best for beginners as it attracts a lot of attention from buyers and gets ranked on a search result page easily. 

21. Blog Banner

Creating a blog banner is a lot of fun and you can make a lot of money out of it.

Many bloggers and article writers are looking for freelancers who create banners for their blogs and publish them.

There are many online tools you can use for this work and Canva is one of them.

22. Spotify Cover

Many artists are willing to pay for attractive-looking cover songs.

If you have some design skills, this gig is perfect for you.

You can set the rates according to client requirements and your efforts.

23. Text Message Marketing

For text message marketing you don’t need any skill.

You have to forward messages in bulk amounts as a part of product and service marketing.

To create this gig, you only need a cell phone and an active internet connection.

This is because you have to send the pre-built message on social media platforms. 

Video Guide: 23 Best Fiverr Gigs for Beginners With No Experience

Are you still confused about selecting which gig you should make to earn on Fiverr? Don’t worry, the following video is for you.

In this tutorial, you will learn which Fiverr gigs you can make with no experience.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

By making a Fiverr gig, sellers can offer their services and earn a lot of money.

But some high-profile services need at least an experience of 2 to 3 years and a lot of time to get on Fiverr.

That’s why beginners look for services that require minimum work and no experience.

We have discussed the best Fiverr gigs above that need no experience and help sellers to get ranked easily.

Review them and choose which service you want to offer to boost your profile and earn a lot of dollars.


What is the easiest gig on Fiverr?

The social media manager is the easiest gig on Fiverr. You can offer this service if you have good knowledge about social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In this gig, you only need to promote products, handle ads, and communicate with followers to convince them about the product.

Which work is best on Fiverr for beginners?

Image Background removal is the best work on Fiverr for beginners. The reason is it does not require any skill or within 5 seconds background can be removed from the image. For this work, you can use Canva and other free online graphic design tools.

What are the top 5 Fiverr gigs that require no skill?

The top 5 Fiverr gigs for Beginners that require no skill are Web Research, Data Entry, User Testing, Speech Writing, and Text Message marketing. But all these gigs help to boost rank in a short time.

What can I do on Fiverr with no skills?

You can do Product promotion on Fiverr. Because many entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for freelancers who can review their products. The reason is users don’t buy any product until they read its review. This means by providing this service, you can earn a lot of money.

Can a beginner earn on Fiverr?

Yes, a beginner can earn as low as $5 on Fiverr by offering services that require no skill or experience. So begin your selling journey with Fiverr now and earn many dollars.


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