Can a Seller Cancel an Order on Fiverr?

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New sellers might have this question, whether they can cancel an order on Fiverr or not.

To maintain the selling level, Fiverr users must keep their clients happy by offering them excellent services.

This also includes not canceling any order. But sometimes buyers go beyond the limit that sellers can not handle and to maintain their Profile rank they prefer to cancel the order.

This means Fiverr allow sellers to cancel the order after accepting them. You can also cancel a Fiverr order as a seller using Fiverr Customer Support or Resolution center.

Are you wondering how you can cancel an order using these ways? If yes, we have you covered.

In this blog, we will explain both of these ways to cancel an order on Fiverr. So let’s begin.

Steps to Cancel an Order on Fiverr Through Resolution Center

The quick method to cancel an order on Fiverr is to contact the resolution center and the following are the steps to do so.

  1. Go to your Fiverr Dashboard. Here you will see all the orders you have completed and currently working on. Select the order you want to cancel and it will open on a new page
  2. Now, press the Click Resolution Center button at the bottom of the right sidebar and you will be directed to Resolution Center
  3. Click on the third option that asks the seller/buyer to cancel the order and continue
  4. Enter the valid reason for canceling the Fiverr order to continue the process.

After pressing the submit button, your request to cancel the order will be submitted to the Fiverr support team. They will send that request to the seller so that he can accept or decline the resolution within 48 days.

If no action is made, the team will cancel the order without affecting the order completion rate of the seller.

Steps to Cancel an Order on Fiverr Through Customer Support

This is the second way to cancel a Fiverr order and is considered efficient. Because the Fiverr team replies to order cancellation requests immediately.

If you want to use this method, the following are the steps to do that.

  1. Go to your Seller account and click on Dashboard. On the Dashboard page scroll down to the end of the Fiverr account. Here you will see the Help and Support Button. A new screen will show after clicking this button
  2. Locate the Order Management button in the current tab and click on it
  3. Once the Order Management tab loads completely, scroll to the end of the page and press the Submit a Request option
  4. Now, click on the drop-down arrow and choose the Order Issues option
  5. After clicking on the Order Issues option, press the I Want to Cancel Order option
  6. Now, select whether you are a Seller or Buyer on Fiverr and select the issue because of which you want to cancel your order
  7. Submit your reason and fill out the form which includes the subject, details, screenshots, files, and specific order number.

After filling out the form, click on the Submit Request option and your request will be referred to the customer support representative.

The Fiverr support team will review your request. They will cancel the order directly or escalate it with a second party.

The team will send an email notification about your ticket and within a few hours, updates will be shared with you. You can check your Ticket status in the My Support Request option.

Why does a Seller need to Cancel an Order on Fiverr?

There may be many reasons why a seller may want to cancel an order on Fiverr. Some of these reasons are lack of project knowledge, communication gap, and incompatibility,

Buyers on Fiverr are more sensitive than on other Freelancing platforms. This is because they own more rights and privileges on Fiverr as compared to sellers.

However, Sellers on Fiverr are allowed to cancel their orders if they face the following situations.

  • The seller has a busy schedule and multiple orders in the queue
  • Both seller and buyers do not coordinate well with each other
  • Zero progress or unnecessary delays in the order
  • The seller is not the right choice for the project
  • The seller completes the order but the buyer is not satisfied with the results
  • Fiverr bans the seller’s account because of any policy violations
  • The buyer misbehaves with the seller and blackmails him by warning a low rating or bad review

In all the above cases, the seller is allowed to cancel the order and it is recommended to use the above two methods. If the seller does not want to affect its order completion rate, gig ranking, and impressions.

Furthermore, a seller can avoid canceling the order by communicating with the client. A seller must ask the buyer to

  • Extend the time limit
  • Don’t place an order without communicating first
  • Provide project requirements in detail
  • Set the expectations at the start to avoid any order cancellation.

Video Guide: Can a Seller Cancel an Order on Fiverr?

Still, finding it difficult to cancel an order on Fiverr?

Don’t worry here is the video tutorial that will help you to cancel a Fiverr order.

Make sure to watch the whole video to get your work done without affecting your profile rank.

Bringing It All Together

Fiverr allow all its sellers to cancel the order anytime they want.

But this is not a feasible solution even if you can’t work with a buyer or having trouble completing the work.

This is because by canceling an order your profile rank will be reduced. By canceling a single Fiverr order your order completion rate will reduce from 100%.

The reason is the buyer has paid already for the gig and Fiverr does not offer refunds.

So make sure to cancel the order by contacting the buyer and the Fiverr support team.

Both of these ways are legal to cancel an order and do not affect the profile rank in any way. By using them you can maintain your order completion rate and Profile rank.


Can a seller cancel an order?

Yes, a seller can cancel an order on Fiverr even if the buyer has placed it. But there are many negatives to canceling an order. It affects the gig ranking, views, and completion rate. Because of this, sellers do not get many orders. So avoid canceling an order in the first place.

Is there a way to cancel an order on Fiverr?

There are two ways to cancel an order on Fiverr. One way is to contact the Resolution Center and the other is Customer Support. Both of these ways are considered legal because they do not affect the order completion rate of a seller.

Does cancellation affect Fiverr?

Yes, order cancellation affects the Fiverr seller. With a single order cancellation, the order completion rate of the seller reduces from 100%. Because of this gig impressions and ranking fell suddenly. A seller must maintain at least a 90% order completion rate in the last 60 days to get the order other he will lose the gig ranking. In some cases, Fiverr also gives a 30-day warning to sellers.

Does Fiverr charge for a Cancelled order?

No, Fiverr does not charge for a canceled order. Instead, if you are a buyer then money will be refunded to your account. Similarly, the seller will not get affected if the order is canceled through Fiverr customer support.


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