Can You Sell Your Art on Fiverr?

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Can you sell your art on Fiverr? It is one of the most-asked questions as artists are eager to know whether they can sell their art on Fiverr or not.

The simple answer is Yes, you can sell your art on Fiverr. For freelancers, Fiverr is a huge marketplace as it allows them to offer services in multiple fields.

Freelancers can offer both technical and non-technical services to buyers to start earning.

In the non-technical category like Designing, Video Animation, Illustration, and Graphic Art, freelancers can sell their art.

Currently,  many artists are selling their artwork on Fiverr and earning a good amount of money.  

To start earning money as an artist, you need to make high-quality images of the artwork and share them on your profile. Keep the image clear and write a precise description of your artwork as the image is the first thing that potential buyers see. Also, mention your selling points to give buyers a reason to hire you.

Furthermore, this blog will tell you how you can sell your art on Fiverr easily and make good revenue. So let’s begin.

How to Make Money on Fiverr as an Artist?

To make money on Fiverr as an artist, it is necessary to make an account on Fiverr first if you haven’t yet. Here are some simple steps that will help you to join Fiverr easily, have a look at them

  • Open the official site of Fiverr and click on the Join button 
  • Enter your Email address and press Continue. Create a unique username and password for your account and click on the Join button
  • Now you will be on Fiverr’s Homepage. Press Become A Seller option and enter your Personal and Professional information precisely in the fields 
  • Connect your social media handles to your Fiverr account and click Continue
  • Verify this account using an email or phone number and once you receive the confirmation email click on Continue and Create your First Gig.

Make a Gig to Offer Your Art

To make money on Fiverr, you first need to offer your artistic services through gigs. There is a huge range of art services you can offer such as

  • Illustration
  • Drawing
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Pen Sketch
  • Watercolor Sketch
  • Line Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Vector Art
  • Digital Art 
  • Pixel Art and much more 

From these categories, make sure to pick the one that relates to your work precisely.

In this way, you can get related buyer requests and allow buyers to reach you with a simple search.

In case you don’t know how to create a gig here are easy steps to do so.

  • Once you make a selling account, your Seller mode will get activated. Here click on Create a New Gig button
  • Enter Gig Title, Tags, and pick accurate Subcategories
  • Write a precise and clear description of your gig
  • Set appropriate pricing rates and explain package services
  • Make a creative thumbnail for your gig and add high-quality images of your artwork in the gallery. Also, add a video of your artwork for a better impression and publish the gig

Use the same method to create 7 gigs with different subcategories to complete your Fiverr profile.

After publishing all gigs, make sure to promote them on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to boost exposure. By promoting gigs you will get more orders and start earning.

Tips to Sell Your Art on Fiverr

The competition on Fiverr is high as hundreds and thousands of artists are selling their services to make money.

You need to stand out from the crowd to get more orders and start your business.

Here are some tips that will help you get more orders effortlessly so have a look at them.

1. Offer Unique Art

If you really want to sell your art on Fiverr, make sure to be unique from other sellers.

To offer something creative and different from others, search your service-related keywords on Fiverr and see the gig that appears on the search result page.

Review the gigs of top buyers to notice what kind of art they are selling and which techniques they are using to attract buyers.

Remember if you sell exactly what other sellers are offering, buyers will never hire you in front of experienced freelancers.

2. Optimize your Gig

Make sure to do the proper SEO of your gigs to make them appear in the Fiverr search.

To do this, choose an attractive, precise, and clear title. Also, use a keyword in the title.

Include low-competence keywords in the Search Tag section. You can add 3 to 5 keywords in this section.   

Moreover, write a clear gig description as clients want to know what they are exactly getting in a gig.

Use the right keywords at least 4 to 5 times and go for the bullet and lists approach instead of long paragraphs.

The reason is with bullet points, buyers will get to know you with a bird’s eye view.

You can write only limited words in the description section, so use this limit precisely. In addition, you can add keywords to the pricing package for better SEO results. 

3. Set Affordable Rates

By charging high for your art you will reduce your chances of getting hired.

So make sure to set your gigs at affordable rates. Review multiple gigs and see their rates.

Remember as a beginner you need to sell at low rates to attract low-budget clients.

However, low rates don’t mean you undersell your art. Set reasonable rates at the start and once you start getting orders, increase the rates.  

4. Share Gigs

The most important tip is to share gigs on social media platforms. You can share the gig as a post or a link.

If you make a post, add service-related hashtags to get more views.

You can also promote gigs on social media groups for a better response.

Moreover, send buyer requests to tell buyers about your services. To win orders through buyer requests, make sure to make engaging yet clear templates. 

Video Guide: Can You Sell Your Art on Fiverr?

If you are still finding it difficult to sell your art on Fiverr, the following video guide is for you.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you are an artist, don’t rely on exhibitions to sell your work. use online freelancing platforms like Fiverr to digitally sell your art and make a good amount of money. If you heard about Fiverr for the first time, you should use the guide we have discussed above. Our guide will help you in creating a Fiverr account, and gigs, and promote them on different platforms. So what are you waiting for? Share your best artwork on Fiverr and get orders.


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