[LATEST] Fiverr Buyer Request Update

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Fiverr is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell services starting at $5. Services offered on Fiverr include but are not limited to, graphic and design work, digital marketing, writing and translation services, video and animation, music and audio, and programming and tech services.

Since Fiverr’s inception in 2010, the website has grown in popularity and now boasts over 3 million services available for purchase. With such a large pool of services to choose from, buyers can have a difficult time finding the right gig for their needs. In order to help buyers find the right gig, Fiverr offers a feature called “Buyer Requests.”

Buyer Requests are job postings that Fiverr users can submit to find a freelancer for a specific task. Currently, there are over 50,000 active buyer requests on Fiverr.

While Buyer Requests can be a great way to find work on Fiverr, they can also be time-consuming to sift through.

Recently, Fiverr updated its platform and paused the Buyer Request feature on the mobile app. We believe that the desktop version will follow soon as this feature will be replaced by a new version. This topic is intended to assist those who have been asking “where are my buyer requests?” in full-on panic mode.


What is the Fiverr Buyer Request Update?

The Fiverr Buyer Request Update is a way for sellers to get notified when new buyer requests are posted that match their gig categories. This update appears in the form of a notification either on the seller’s dashboard or via email, and includes a link to the request so that the seller can view and respond to it immediately.

With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, Fiverr will notify sellers automatically if they meet the criteria of the buyer’s request. This makes the process more challenging for new Fiverr sellers.

To receive a recommendation from Fiverr, sellers must now optimize their gigs and profile with the relevant niche and use only niche-based keywords.

Different statuses of your matches and offers?


This means that a buyer’s brief is currently active and accepting offers—time to send your offer!


This means that a buyer has chosen to stop receiving offers for their brief—it’s too late to send an offer.


This means that a buyer has accepted your custom offer for their brief—get cracking!


This means that a buyer has accepted another seller’s offer—try again next time.

Offer created

This means that you have made an offer, but the buyer hasn’t accepted any offers they have received yet—you have a chance of being chosen!



1. What’s the difference between a Buyer Request and the matching feature?

At the moment, you can use both features. However, the matching feature provides a more accommodating and beneficial service in terms of the buyer you’re matched with, the quality of service you delivered, and your price range.

2. How will this new matching feature benefit me?

The process of getting matched with a buyer is focused on tailoring your availability, pricing, service, and skillset with their needs.
Since buyers are only matched to the highest quality services and most relevant sellers, this helps narrow down the competition in the Marketplace.


3. How can I get matched with a buyer?

Matches are based on the compatibility between a buyer’s requirements and your service and expertise. Since buyers are only matched with high-quality sellers, Fiverr uses a wide range of quality criteria that are taken into consideration to determine seller eligibility.

4. What happens if I get a brief opportunity?

If you get matched with a buyer’s brief, you’ll get a notification message saying Your service is a match! (Well done!).
Click the notification, and choose either Create Offer or Not Interested.


Please note: You are one of a few select sellers to get matched with the buyer’s brief. Be sure to give a competitive and well-structured offer according to a buyer’s needs, to stand the best chance of your offer being chosen.


5. Why did I receive a brief?

Our smart algorithm matched you, your service, and your availability to a buyer’s brief requirements.
Not a good match? Let us know why when you click Not Interested.


6. From a performance perspective, what happens if I don’t accept a brief?

Your performance metrics won’t be affected or impacted if you decline a brief.


7. Do I have to match the buyer’s exact proposed budget when I create a Custom Offer?

Since you are automatically matched with buyers who have your budget in mind, you’ll be matched according to your Gig price ranges. However, you’re free to create an Offer with any budget relevant to what you offer.

8. Can I create a milestone/subscription offer?

Yes, you can use Milestones or a Subscription offer if it suits the requirements.


That’s it – I hope there are no misunderstandings regarding the recent Fiverr update regarding buyer requests. If you have any confusion, you can comment below and we will try to answer your questions asap.


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