Fiverr Secret Tricks and Hacks: Use These Secret Tricks To Nail Fiverr

Fiverr Secret Tricks and Hacks
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Are you facing issues to land clients on Fiverr? These Fiverr Secret Tricks and Hacks will help you to boost your client base on Fiverr. Freelancing on Fiverr isn’t easy as a beginner anymore. The competition is just getting stronger & stronger.

We are living in a time where everyone is trying to be an entrepreneur. There are no more excuses for not doing it. In this article, we’re going to share the Fiverr Secret Tricks and Hacks that will help you land more clients. So, let’s get started.

1- Optimize Your Profile

Lack of Fiverr Profile Optimization can cause you to lose business. Fiverr’s search is very competitive, and a lot of people will be looking for a service like yours. If your profile doesn’t get you noticed, you won’t get any business.

So, the very first Fiverr Hack is to Upload a professional image – great lighting and a big smile is the key, write a catchy headline, and add a really good description that explains what you are offering, and why your clients should choose you over all the other sellers.

2- Avoid Copy/ Pasted Gigs With No Research

You’re probably thinking of that “copy-paste” gig, which seems like the best thing ever. But, copy-pasting is not a great idea and this trick will never work. You don’t want to look like an amateur, do you?

Make sure that you have done extensive research on what you are going to offer. Do not copy/paste your first gig and expect to get more business. You need to start off right with a bang.

Create 3-5 Gigs related to your niche. Include high-quality gig images and descriptions.

3- Sending Buyer Requests

In this section, we’ll look at what Buyer Requests actually is? Fiverr has a section for buyers where they can post jobs and find the right sellers for their projects. This section is called the Buyer Request section.

Fiverr allows 10 buyer requests daily to the sellers. So, instead of waiting desperately for orders to come, you need to send 10 Buyer Requests a day to catch clients.

These are the 5 Tips for Writing Killer Buyer Request on Fiverr (Includes Buyer Request Template As Well) that can benefit you to land your first job.

4- Avoid Creating Gigs on High Competitive Niches

Most sellers are offering the same services on Fiverr, and the competition is very fierce. If you want to get success on Fiverr today, you need to Niche Down your relevant category.

Before creating any gig, you should always do keyword research.

If you want to choose the right keywords for your gig, this Fiverr Secret Trick will help you out. Always select those keywords that have low competition Gigs and have more clients review.

For Example, if you are a Graphic Designer, you DO NOT need to create a LOGO DESIGN GIG. There are many other gig opportunities available, you can use those to your advantage and make a unique business. You can start with Restaurant Menu Design, Business Card Design, T-shirt Logo Design, Brand Kit Design, etc.

This way there is a maximum chance that you will get your first client very soon!

5- Avoid Using Fake Clicks and Extensions

Fiverr AI is getting very strong day by day and it can now detect if you are using any Chrome extensions, fake clicks or reviews. DO NOT use chrome browser auto refresh extensions as you can get a warning if Fiverr detect that you are cheating their system. Therefore, Relying on fake reviews and clicks is useless if you can’t get a genuine order.

The best Fiverr Secret Trick to avoid fake clicks and using auto-refresh extensions is that you stay online most of the time to catch clients.


Avoid Relying on Fiverr only

This one is the BONUS TIP for our regular readers and most of the sellers avoid this tip. You can not rely on Fiverr as your minor unintentional mistake can cause you to lose your Fiverr account.

It’s better to always have a backup, so you don’t get stuck into dark. Leverage other freelancing platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn.


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