How do I Respond to a Buyer Request on Fiverr?

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It is important to respond to a buyer request on Fiverr as it helps to reach more clients and get orders organically.

New sellers, must send 10 buyer requests a day to enhance the gig exposure and to get noticed by buyers.

But as a new seller are you confused about how to respond to a buyer request? If so, here is a quick guide for you.

Review all the buyer’s requests and pick the one that relates to your services. Read the request completely and write a precise proposal for it. Explain the work process and services in the description, set the right rate, and attach the best work sample. 

Furthermore, in this blog, we will share a complete guide to responding to a buyer request to win more orders. So let’s dive in.

Best Tips to Respond to a Buyer Request on Fiverr?

Here are some efficient tricks you must follow to respond to a buyer request on Fiverr. These tips will help you to attract more buyers and get orders in less time. Let’s review them.

1. Read the Buyer Request Carefully

Many sellers think that you can attract buyers by responding to their requests quickly.

But this is not true. It is necessary to take some time to read the request completely.

When you go to the buyer request page, you will see a lot of requests.

Review them all and pick the ones that suit your services precisely. Read the whole project with focus and absorb the pain points of the buyer.

2. Don’t Rely on Custom Templates

Sellers usually make custom offer templates to save time to respond to buyers’ requests.

But this is not a great approach. The reason is by reading a custom template buyers will think that you have not read their requirements and waste their time by sending a custom template.

So don’t rely on the custom templates completely. Instead, write fresh proposals and give efficient solutions to buyers’ problems to attract their attention.

3. Give Buyer a Reason to Hire You

Sellers usually start their project proposals by talking about themselves but this is not a good approach to getting an order.

You must start with how you can resolve the buyer’s problem and complete the project in less time. In this way, a buyer will read your proposal with focus and might think about hiring you.

4. Match the Buyer’s Writing Style

Respond to the buyer using his writing style. You can do this by observing the writing style of the buyer which he used to write the job description.

Don’t write long paragraphs to explain your services and the perks of working with you. Instead, use lists and bullets because they make the overall text attractive and allow buyers to know you with a bird’s eye view.

Also, focus on the writing tone of the buyer. If he describes the project in a serious tone, respond to the offer in a serious tone. Similarly, if buyers use a  funny tone or casual language then don’t hesitate to use slang in your project proposal.

5. Set Affordable Rate for your Service

Buyers visit Fiverr to get services at low rates. Because of this, you must sell your services at fewer rates.

But this doesn’t mean that you undersell your services. Set the appropriate rates that will help you to make a profit and attract buyers’ attention.

Each buyer request has a fixed budget, if the client can pay for your services, you must send him an offer otherwise look for other offers.

Furthermore, while writing a project proposal, don’t charge high by seeing the high budget of the client. Set only the price rate that suits the work.

6. Share Your Best Work Samples

To win orders on Fiverr, make sure to attach the best work samples with your offer.

In this way, you will allow buyers to see how much capable you are and how efficiently you can do their work and provide expected results.

Also, ask necessary questions related to the project. By doing this, the buyer will get the impression that you are interested in his work and he might choose you for his project.

Furthermore, end your project proposal with a call to action to allow buyers to communicate with you instantly.

What to Avoid When You Respond to a Buyer Request on Fiverr?

New sellers usually make mistakes while writing project proposals. These mistakes leave a bad impression on buyers and lead to no orders.

Here is the list of some of those mistakes and you must avoid making them to create the best impression on multiple buyers.

1. Don’t Pick Buyer Requests with More Offers

Fiverr shows the buyer request to all the sellers whose gig keywords relate to services.

This means thousands of buyers can see the buyer’s requests and respond to them.

Because of this, your competition will be high. So don’t respond to the buyer request that already has more than 25 offers.

Remember that buyers are in the search of the right seller and they prefer to pick the ones that respond quickly.

25 project offers are enough for them to pick a seller so don’t waste your time in responding to such requests.

2. Poor Language Skills

While writing a project proposal keep the writing tone clear and avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes.

Also, keep the sentence structure clear to help buyers to understand what you are saying. You can also use Grammarly to keep your description error-free.

3. Over Promising

Don’t exaggerate about your services. Only tell buyers that you can offer effortlessly in less time.

By doing this, you will set the expectations of the buyer and he will not over-expect from you and give you a perfect review at the end of the work.

4. Don’t Charge Less for Services

Indeed, you can attract more buyers by offering services at fewer rates. But in this way, you will undersell your work which is not an efficient approach. Set a limit for your work and don’t change this limit for any buyer just to get an order.

Video Guide: How do I Respond to a Buyer Request on Fiverr?

Watch the following tutorial if you are still having trouble responding to buyers’ requests.

Final Words

After locating the buyer’s requests respond to them professionally to get more orders. To save time, make sure to use the guide we have discussed above and avoid the mistakes that can make a negative impression on buyers.


How do I reply to a buyer professionally on Fiverr?

There is no perfect way to reply to a buyer professionally because each client has different needs. However, keep the writing tone clear and precise to make the client understand what you are saying. Also, use a formal tone and discuss the pain point of the seller in the message to show him that you are interested in his project.

How do you respond to a buyer professionally?

To respond to a buyer professionally, go to your inbox and open the chat. Start the chat by telling a buyer how you will handle their project and which tools you will use for the work. Then explain your services and share the best work samples so that clients can see how much capable you are.

How do I respond to a professional buyer request on Fiverr?

To respond to a professional buyer request, first read the whole request completely to know what the buyer is asking for and what are the main points. Create a fresh template for that request and tell him how will you do the project so that he can compare your methods with other offers and decide whether he should hire you or not. You can also share the best work samples to attract the buyer’s attention.


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