[Solved] How to Change Fiverr Username 2022

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A username on Fiverr is, of course, your unique identity through which everyone comes to know about your services. Coming straight to the point, changing the Fiverr username is a quite challenging thing. Because, unlike, other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, you cannot change the profile name on your Fiverr account easily. You have to do a complete process to change Fiverr username.

Considering this very concern, here in this article, we have brought up some quite easy and simple steps on how to change Fiverr username. These steps will help you out a lot in learning exactly how you can change username on Fiverr. Follow these simple steps and change your profile name on Fiverr in no time, giving your business a unique identity.

Some Incredible Steps Regarding, “How to Change Fiverr Username Easily”

While opting for the username for your Fiverr account, you, of course, have chosen the best, accordingly. But, sometimes, when things don’t go accordingly, then you might think of changing the profile name. In the meantime, you at least once think that can you change your Fiverr Profile name? Well, now you might know the answer to this very question. In addition, the following are some facile steps that you find much obliging as regards to change the Fiverr username. 

1. Log in to Your Existing Account to Change Fiverr Username

In order to change Fiverr username, you have to simply create a new account. Only this is the way to get your profile name changed, or you cannot change it by any other means. Well, creating a new account is not a big thing, if you already have created one for yourself. And, for that sake, you first have to log in to your existing Fiverr account to proceed further and to do the completion of this task easily.

2. Deactivate the Existing Fiverr Account

After successfully logging in to your existing Fiverr account, now is the time to deactivate it, so that you could easily create a new one with your desired username. For that purpose, go to your Fiverr Account settings, you will an option to deactivate the account, click on that option. Now, give a proper reason why you want to deactivate the account, e.g. you want to change Fiverr Username, then simply provide that authentic reason. And, that’s how you are almost done with half of the procedure on how to change your Fiverr profile name.

3. Create A New Account with Your Desired Username

After you are done with the deactivation process of the account, start creating a new one. When you are down the entire deactivation process, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to contact Fiverr Customer Support if you have any pending clearance left into your existing account, or simply just wait until you withdraw all of your income from the account. Now, go to the homepage of Fiverr and click on “join now” in order to create a new account. In addition, it is important to use a different email address for the new Fiverr account.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that now you exactly know how to change your Fiverr username. Ideally, it can’t be changed, but you can create a new account, using another email address with your desired profile name. Follow these above-mentioned steps, and give your business a unique identity, ahead.

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