How to Create Fiverr Seller Account?

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With a Fiverr Seller account, it is possible to make multiple gigs and offer quality services to a wide range of buyers.

Creating a selling profile is an easy task, but some freelancers find it difficult to switch to selling mode.

Are you one of them? If so, we have you covered. Here is a quick guide for you.

Join Fiverr if you haven’t already. Select Become a Seller option on the homepage and click on the continue button until you reach the Personal Info page. Fill out all the fields with relevant information and add a professional picture.

Click Continue and you will be directed to the Professional Info page. Add your services, skills, education, certification, and website if you have any. Then connect your social media accounts and add an email or number for account security. Click on Continue & Create Your First gig to submit information and you are done. 

Moreover, here we will discuss each step in detail so that without making any mistakes you make your seller account. So let’s get started.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Fiverr Seller Account

Here is the easy guide to creating a seller account that you must follow if you are a beginner. Have a look at them to start your work.

1. Join Fiverr

Search Fiverr on your browser and open the official website.

On the top-right side, click the Join button. A signup form will open in a new window.

Enter the Email address you want to use for your seller account. However, you can continue with Google and Facebook.

Press the Continue button to confirm the email address and create your username and password.

After entering your credentials, click on the Join button. When you press the button, Fiverr will create your account and you will switch to the Homepage.

2. Become a Seller

At this time, you are in buyer’s mode. You need to switch to the selling mode to become a seller.

On the homepage, you will see Become a Seller option. When you click on this option, you will be directed to a new screen.

Again on this screen, you will see Become a Seller option. Press this option to start the process.

Read the information on the current screen and click Continue. Now, you will be at What Makes a Successful Fiverr Profile?

Review these tips and click on the Continue button. After pressing the button, Fiverr will direct you to Now, Let’s Talk About The Things You Want To Steer Clear Of.

Read the tips on this page and again Click continue to proceed further.

3. Enter Your Personal Information

Now is the time to create your seller account by entering your information.

Enter your Full name to sell your name officially. Select a professional picture and upload it to your profile.

Make sure the picture you are using is clear, has high quality, and shows your professional attitude.

After adding a picture, add your personal and professional information. Tell people about your education, services, and work experiences in precise and clear wording.

In the description section, you can add 600 characters so use them wisely. Now, add your language skills and show the level of each language.

You can add multiple languages to your profile by clicking on Add New button in the top right corner.

After adding all your language skills, click on the Continue button. You will be redirected to the Professional Info page.

4. Enter Professional Information

Here pick your professional occupation. Click on the dropdown menu and pick a category for services you want to sell.

You can add multiple occupations by pressing the + Add New button.

Now, press the Year dropdown to select the span you have been working in a specific field.

You can pick 2 to 5 skills so make sure to select the best skills in your area of expertise.

In the Skills area, type your best skill with the experience level. Click on Add button to include your skill. Try to add only those skills in which you are an expert.

After this, add your education details. Select the

  • Country
  • University
  • Degree title
  • Major
  • Graduation year

Remember that, the education field is optional, but a relevant degree can help you to attract more buyers.

Now add certifications if you have any. You can also add your awards or website to complete your professional Fiverr profile.

Submit this information by pressing the Continue button in the lower right corner of the page.

5. Complete the Registration Process

In this step, you need to connect your social media accounts to the Fiverr account.

Here you can link your Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or other professional accounts.

Click on the Connect button to add up these accounts and Continue.

On the next screen, you can add your phone number and email address to secure your Fiverr account. You can either add a phone number, email, or both according to your preference.

Once you verify the email or number click on Continue and Create your First Gig. That’s it. You have successfully created your Fiverr Seller Account. Now make multiple gigs and start selling your services.

How to Create a Fiverr Seller Account on a Mobile?

To create a Fiverr seller account on Fiverr, you first need to download the Fiverr app on your mobile app.

Get the app by visiting the Play Store. Install it once the download process completes.

Open the app and click on Become a Seller. A Work Your Way screen will appear and click on the Continue button.

Now, Join Fiverr using your Facebook, Google, or separate email. Enter the desired email and set your Username and Password.

After entering the credentials click on the Sign Up button. Your account will be created. At this stage, you can explore Fiverr as a buyer.

Go to your profile and scroll down until you see Become a Seller option. You will read this message here “Set up your seller profile on the desktop to start selling”.

This means you need to go to the official Fiverr site to switch your profile to selling mode. You should follow the steps we have mentioned above to become a seller. Once your account is activated, you can start making gigs.

Video Guide: How to Create Fiverr Seller Account?

If you still find it difficult to make a seller account on Fiverr then the following video is for you. Make sure to watch it to resolve your issues.

Bringing It All Together

Without a Fiverr seller account, you can not sell your services. It might look easy to create a selling profile but in reality, it is not.

There are some technical fields that you need to handle carefully. Because of this reason, use the steps that we have mentioned above to create a seller account.

Also, make sure to enter information in all fields and keep the information clear and to the point because buyers exactly want to know whom they are hiring for work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is a Fiverr seller account free?

Yes, the Fiverr seller account is free to make. You can use it to send buyer requests and create multiple gigs. But when you get any order, Fiverr will charge you 20% per order no matter what the order’s price is.

Can I create a Fiverr seller account on my phone?

Yes, you can make a seller account on a phone. Download the app to register yourself first. Once you reach the homepage, go to your profile and click on Become a Seller option. Now, go to the Web and visit the official Fiverr website. Here you can become a Seller by adding the relevant information.

How do I become a seller on Fiverr mobile app?

You can not become a seller on Fiverr. You can only Join Fiverr and use it as a buyer on a mobile app. To switch to a seller account, you need to visit the official Fiverr platform. However, after creating a selling profile, you can manage orders, clients, and gigs on a mobile app.


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