How To Do Fiverr Gig SEO – 10 Killer Tips

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By doing the Fiverr Gig SEO, sellers can boost the reach of gigs and get more orders.

For beginners, it is necessary to follow all the rules of SEO while creating their gigs.

Here is the simple approach to optimizing the Fiverr gigs.

Select the right Niche for the gig according to expertise, create an engaging title, and description, and add keywords to them.

Make sure to add tags in the Tags for better exposure. Add attractive images and videos to the gig for a better impression and lastly promote them both inside and outside Fiverr. 

However, if you are a beginner and looking for a detailed answer then continue to read.

In this blog, we will discuss the killer tips on how to do SEO for Fiverr Gigs in detail. So let’s get started.

10 Tips to SEO Optimize your Fiverr Gigs

Here are some fantastic tips that will help you to do Fiverr gig SEO so that you can get more quality orders and enhance your revenue.

Have a look at them and boost your business.

1. Learn Fiverr’s Gig Ranking Algorithm

Before you start to optimize your gig, it is necessary to know how Fiverr’s ranking algorithm work.

Fiverr has made an algorithm that qualifies good gigs and displays them at the top of the search result page.

So that every time buyers search for something in the search bar, they get the relevant results.

This ranking algorithm has multiple factors; the important one is keywords (A phrase buyers use to find relevant gigs). If you use enough Keywords in your gig, there is a high chance that Fiverr will display your gig on the top.

2. Compete with New or Level 0 Sellers

As a beginner, you must not compete with the level 1, level 2, and top-rated sellers.

This is because you can not beat these high-level sellers until you are at their level. So do not waste your time.

Instead, compete with the sellers of your rank. Many buyers look for new sellers as they offer services at lower rates.

This shows that you have a dedicated audience. But once your selling level increase, you must modify the gig rates to get the true return on your efforts.

3. Find Your Real Competition for Better Gig SEO

To win more orders on Fiverr, you must know your competition first.

As we have discussed above you can not compete with high-level sellers which means you need to see who can you compete with.

To see the competition, search your niche-related keyword as a buyer and see how many gigs appear.

On the search result page, you will see thousands of gigs but not all of them are your competition.

To get accurate search results, apply a new seller filter to gigs and you will only see the gigs from new sellers.

But still, you have hundreds of thousands of gigs as billions of people use Fiverr. To be more specific, apply the category filter, select a budget, and timeline filters on gigs.

After applying all these filters, you will be left with only thousands of gigs. These gigs are your actual competition.

4. Think from Buyer’s Perspective

Before you start to sell your services, it is necessary to think from the perspective of buyers.

They hope to get excellent services at low rates and in less time. That’s why they mostly search for keywords in 24 hours or $5.

You can also search the right keywords from Industry, Price, and Language perspectives. This is because

  • Some buyers get very specific to their industry while searching for gigs
  • They want to work with sellers of the same language to avoid a communication gap
  • They want to get services at affordable rates and to see only selected gigs they use the price filter

5. Make a List of Low Competition Keywords

This is the first and foremost step of Fiverr gig optimization for SEO.

You need to select the right keywords to attract the right audience and get your gigs ranked.

Choosing the right keywords are also necessary because they drive the whole optimization process.

So start the process by creating a list of Keywords. Search for the relevant keywords in the search bar to show what type of gigs Fiverr displays.

On the search result page, you will see the gigs of top-related sellers.

If you use the keywords of these gigs then your gig will take months to get ranked.

For this reason, apply filters and see only specific gigs. Review them and make a list of all keywords these sellers use and choose only the ones that precisely relate to your service.

6. Write an Engaging Gig Title and Description

Now is the time to start Fiverr gig optimization. The process of gig creation starts with writing a title.

Make sure to write an engaging title to attract the attention of most buyers. Keep the gig title precise and add relevant keywords to it so that Fiverr can rank it.

The next important section is the description area. In this section, you can add the targeted keywords in a more organized and informational way to reach buyers.

Here’s how you can include keywords in the description

  • Add the top keyword in the first and last section
  • Add second priority keyword in the first and last 100 words
  • Use these keywords one more time randomly in the text

You can add up to 1200 characters and it is good to use all of them to explain your services clearly.

No matter how many characters you use, keep the information accurate and precise. Do not try to add multiple paragraphs as this can bore the reader.

To help the buyers know your services effortlessly, add your services in bullets and bold them.

Furthermore, you can review top sellers’ gigs to see how they explain their services and write information in the description section to attract clients.

7. Include Related Tags to the Gig

You will need to add 5 tags to your gig so that clients can reach you. It is also one of the factors of the Fiverr ranking algorithm.

So make sure to use your top 5 keywords in the tag section. In this way, you can get your gig ranked on the search result page effortlessly.

8. Optimize Gig Pricing Packages

After optimizing your gig title and description, now you need to optimize the pricing packages.

You can make three packages in a gig where you can offer different services at different rates.

Try to include the keywords in the package title and description to allow Fiverr to rank your gig.

Moreover, keep the prices low if you are a beginner as in this way your gig will be displayed on the result page when buyers apply the price filter.

9. Add High-Quality Images and Videos to the Gig

Include quality images and videos in your gig to make it attractive. Try to use custom images as you can add keywords to them.

Adding keywords to images will not affect the ranking algorithm but will allow clients to reach you.

With a video, you can enhance the CTR for your listening. Moreover, a video adds an extra layer of credibility which leads to more sales.

10. Complete Your Fiverr Profile and Stay Responsive

For Fiverr gig optimization, it is necessary to complete your profile. Fiverr allow

  • 0 level sellers to create 7 gigs
  • Level 1 sellers to create 10 gigs
  • Level 2 sellers to create 20 gigs
  • Top-rated sellers to create 30 gigs

So complete the gigs according to your selling level and stay active almost 5 hours a day. This is because buyers like to approach online clients.

Video Guide: How To Do Fiverr Gig SEO?

Watch the following video, if you are still having trouble doing the Fiverr Gig SEO.

Bringing It All Together

To get more orders, it is important to do gig SEO and by using the above tricks you can easily optimize your gigs. Make sure to follow all of them to get effective results.

However, if you are looking for a quick way to fill all the gig sections, check the gigs of top rated-sellers and see what they are doing to grab many clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I optimize SEO on Fiverr gig?

You can optimize the gig by including the relevant keyword in the title, description, and tags. Also, add attractive images to leave a good impression on buyers and stay responsive to win more orders.

What is the meaning of SEO in Fiverr?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and helps users to get their gigs ranked on the top pages so that they get orders. There are many ways to do SEO and Fiverr ranking algorithm checks them to rank the gigs on search pages.


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