How To Do Keyword Research Properly For a Fiverr Gig?

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A Fiverr seller must do keyword research properly for a gig to enhance its engagement.

With keywords, sellers can easily rank their gigs on search result pages and boost impressions, clicks, and orders.

The reason is keywords help buyers in getting what they are looking for.

By selecting the precise keywords for Fiverr gig optimization you can enhance your service exposure to a wide level and attract an organic audience.

You can pick precise keywords according to your gig by doing proper Keyword research. And to do quality research you can use the Fiverr search engine, Fiverr search tags, Keyword research tools, and lastly, analyze your competitors.

Furthermore, in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about keyword research for a gig. So let’s dive in.

4 Ways to Do Keyword Research For a Fiverr Gig

Here are some quick and efficient ways to search accurate keywords for your Fiverr gig. Use all these methods to get top-notch keywords for your gigs and use them properly. Let’s review them.

1. Fiverr Search Engine

To research the best keywords for gigs, use the Fiverr search engine for precise results.

First, select the service you want to offer and then pick the keywords that relate to your services.

Enter the primary keyword of your service in the search bar and see what suggestions Fiverr shows.

These terms are the ones that most buyers use while looking for their specific task.

Make a list of these suggested keywords and check their competition. Type these keywords in the search bar one by one and see how many gigs currently use them.

You can not compete with all gigs, so reduce the competition. To minimize the number of available gigs apply filters.

You can apply a time filter, budget filter, category filter, and online seller filter to see your competition.

Do the same with all other suggested keywords and select the ones that have less competition.

Because this is the only way you can get your gigs ranked on the Fiverr search result page.

After picking the low-competence keywords use them properly in your gig. You can place these keywords on the Gig title, description, and tag.

2. Fiverr Search Tags

By viewing the tags, you can also research the right keywords for your Fiverr gig.

Fiverr allows users to add 5 tags in a gig to attract the right audience. You can search for the right tags for your gig by viewing the gigs of multiple sellers.

First, search the primary keyword of your service in the search bar and see which gigs Fiverr shows on the top page.

Review the top 5 gigs and the gigs of top-level sellers to see which keywords they are using to sell their services.

You can view their gig tags by scrolling the screen to the last. Make a list of these tags and pick only 5 keywords that relate precisely to your services.

This is a manual job and can take a lot of time but provide efficient results. By using this technique, you can surely get your gigs ranked and get more orders.

3. Fiverr Keyword Research Tool

If you don’t want to do all the work manually then go for keyword research tools.

These tools will help you to find the related keywords that buyers are looking for.

Some of the best keyword research tools you can use include Google Trends, AdWords Keyword Planner, and Semrush.

The keyword research tools will not allow you to determine the monthly competition of Keyword but might avoid you from the above two ways.

Moreover, the keywords that these tools provide help in the overall exposure of gigs. Using tools does not mean that your gigs will rank at the top. But they will surely appear on the first page.

All you need to do is to select the relevant, comprehensive, and most used words for your gigs to let the potential buyers reach you.

4. Analyze Your Competitors

The last way to research keywords is to analyze your competitors. Search the main keyword of your service in the search bar and see the gigs that Fiverr shows.

At least pick the top 10 gigs to see which keywords your competitors are using and how they include them in the gigs.

To check the accurate keywords, pay attention to your competitor’s gig title, description, URL, and thumbnail.

Although, keywords in the thumbnail do not affect the gig ranking. But they help to leave a good impression on buyers.

Moreover, this technique will help you to find your gaps and flaws. Make sure to fill them out to get ranked on the top result page.

Tips to Do Keyword Research Properly For a Fiverr Gig

Here are some useful tips that will help you to find the accurate keywords for your Fiverr Gig so that you can properly optimize your gig. Make sure to review them to avoid the common mistakes that freelancers mostly make.

1. Use Relevant Categories

Selecting the right categories for a gig is necessary because buyers search for them while hiring a seller.

Fiverr allows sellers to choose a category and multiple subcategories for a gig so that buyers can reach it easily.

Also, by defining the subcategories for your gig, you can easily pick the relevant keywords for better exposure.

2. Don’t Choose Specific Keywords

While picking the top keywords for your gig, make sure to avoid general keywords that are too specific.

This is because their range is huge and by considering them you can not rank your gig on the top page and get orders.

The simple example is if you are a designer then don’t go for “Logo design”. Instead, look for precise keywords like design services or graphic design.

3. Use Negative Keywords

After choosing your top 5 keywords, search the negative keywords in the Fiverr search bar to see whether your gigs appear or not.

You can use negative words like personal or free to filter out the buyers who are not looking for what you offer.

4. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Try to use long-tail keywords in your gigs because they are more accurate, and precise, and help buyers reach you easily.

Look for these long-tail keywords in the search bar and pick the ones that have less competition to enhance the value and rank of your gig.

Video Guide: How To Do Keyword Research Properly For a Fiverr Gig?

Are you still having any trouble doing the keyword research for a Fiverr gig?

If yes, don’t worry, we have you covered. Watch the following video to research the right keywords for your gig without making any mistakes.

Bringing It All Together

For Fiverr gig optimization it is necessary to do the right keyword research. Because according to the Fiverr ranking algorithm, only gigs with the proper keywords get a chance to be ranked on the top search result page.

There are many other ranking factors but nothing is as efficient as keywords. The reason is buyers can find the right gigs only by searching keywords.

If their phrase matches the gig tag, Fiverr will rank them. So make sure to use the tips we have discussed above and pick the precise keywords for your gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to find low-competition keywords for my Fiverr gig?

You can find the low-competition keywords by using the Fiverr search bar. Enter the primary keyword of your service in the search field and see what keywords Fiverr suggests.
Then enter these suggested keywords one by one in the search bar and see how many services are available for that specific keyword.
Make a list of at least 10 keywords and pick the ones that fewer sellers are using. You can also reduce the available services, by applying multiple filters.

What determines the perfect keyword for Fiverr?

The perfect keyword for your gig is the one that suits your services and has less competition. This is because low-competition keywords help new gigs to get ranked on Fiverr search result pages in a short time. Moreover, the length of the keyword must be high as buyers look for precise services while hiring a seller.

Is there any tool that can help in keyword research?

Yes, many Keyword research tools can help you find the right keywords for your gigs. Some of the efficient tools that you can use to avoid efforts are Google Trends, AdWords Keyword Planner, and Semrush. Each of these tools provides accurate keywords for a gig but you can not use them all. Make sure to choose only the ones that have low competition, and long length, and relate specifically to the service you are providing.


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