How to Get Clients on Fiverr as a Beginner?

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As a beginner, it is one of the most difficult tasks to get clients on Fiverr.

The reason is the low ranking of gigs and also most buyers do not even know your gig exists.

Are you wondering how to get your first client on Fiverr?

If so, here is a simple solution for you.

Offer services according to your expertise and create a professional portfolio to back up your skills. Set lower rates to attract low-budget clients but never undersell your services. 

Promote your gigs frequently on different social platforms for better exposure and stay active on Fiverr to show you are professional and reliable.

Furthermore, in this blog, we will share the best tips with you that will help you to get more clients on Fiverr as a new seller.

So let’s dive in.

Efficient Ways to Get Clients on Fiverr

Here are some simple-to-follow tips that you must review as a beginner on Fiverr.

They will help you to avoid the common mistakes that new sellers mostly make. So let’s review them.

1. Create a Professional Fiverr Profile

With your profile, you make the first impression on buyers. Make sure the information is well written and contains your experience and skills.

For a professional look, add your sophisticated photo and set a competitive rate in your gigs.

As a beginner, you can create up to 7 active gigs. Always remember you can attract more clients by creating different gigs in the same niche.

2. Offer a Unique Service

As a new seller, you might be confused about what to do next after setting up your profile.

But we have covered you. After setting up your profile, you should review multiple gigs related to your niche.

Search related keywords in the search bar and you will see the best-selling or top-rated gigs on the page.

Make sure to review the gig from top to bottom to see how your competitor deal with every section.

Moreover, here are some tricks to create a gig that will help you to get clients on Fiverr.

Begin with Low Rates

New sellers on Fiverr must keep their service prices low as compared to high-selling users.

This is the best trick to attract buyers that have low budgets.

Also, Fiverr allow buyers to set their price rate while searching for gigs. If the client’s budget matches your gig rate then your gig will surely appear on the result page.

Add Attractive Images

Image is the first thing that buyers notice while looking for the right gig.

Because of this reason, you must add an engaging, high-quality image to your gig.

Make sure to add a custom image as in this way you can highlight your services and the perks of working with you to gain buyers’ attention.

Write Engaging Gig Description

After the image, the gig description is the first thing that buyers notice. You must add precise and clear information as the buyer wants to know what they are getting exactly.

Avoid adding too much information in the description because lengthy text can bore the client. You can showcase your services in bullets as this is an efficient way to highlight the services instead of writing multiple paragraphs.

3. Promote Gigs on Social Platforms

Creating an optimized gig on Fiverr is not enough. You need to share it on multiple social media platforms for better exposure.

Once you are done creating a gig, Fiverr will give you the option to share on multiple platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook.

To quickly attract clients, share your gig then and there. However, you can share your gig anytime you want using its URL.

Furthermore, the following steps will help you to promote your service on a wide scale.

  • Make a Business page on Social Media
  • Share posts related to your project frequently
  • Join groups related to your niche
  • Collaborate with other new sellers to promote each other
  • Build an audience and convert them to organic buyers

4. Send Buyer Requests

Fiverr also allows users to send buyer requests to get the job. You can almost send 10 buyer requests to different users according to your services.

In the buyer request section, you can see the job description and the files attached to it.

Make sure to attach the right gig according to the buyer’s requirements and make the right deal.

Set appropriate rates according to the defined jobs and share your best experiences and services to impress clients.

The buyer requests get changed every minute so refresh the tab frequently to see the latest requests.

In addition, here are some tips to create a professional offer.

  • Include all experiences related to the project
  • Call the seller by his name and keep the tone formal
  • Add all the requirements you need for the project
  • Add portfolio links if you have any

5. Stay Responsive

Most buyers contact active sellers to get their work done. Because of this, try to stay active on Fiverr.

Communicate with your clients regularly and keep them updated about the project.

If you exceed expectations with your great work then you can receive more work from the same clients and positive feedback that will improve the rank of your gigs.

Video Guide: How to Get Clients on Fiverr as a Beginner?

Are you are looking for a quick way to get clients on Fiverr?

If so, the following tutorial is for you. Here you will learn all the best tricks to grab the attention of clients.

Make sure to watch it for a better selling rate.

Bringing It All Together

It is difficult but not impossible to attract clients after creating a gig. You only need to create a precise profile and follow the right practices. For quick and reliable results, you must use the tips that we have mentioned above to engage more buyers with your gig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the easiest way to get clients on Fiverr?

By using the following tricks you can easily get clients on Fiverr. Have a look at them.
– Offer unique service
– Share gigs on multiple platforms
– Sell your services at low rates
– Add compelling images
– Write an accurate gig description
– Stay active more often
– Send buyer requests daily

How Do I Get More Customers on Fiverr?

Creating a gig to attract customers is not enough. You need to follow some tips and here are the best ones.
– Add keywords in the gig tile
– Promote gigs on external platforms
– Include high-quality images
– Offer only those services you can handle
– Stay patient with your clients
– Quickly respond to your clients

How to Attract Clients on Fiverr?

Use the following strategies to attract more clients on Fiverr:
– Optimize your gigs properly
– Add keywords in tags and title
– Choose a service according to your expertise
– Keep the description precise
– Politely communicate with clients and keep them updated with work

How Do I Get More Buyers on Fiverr?

To attract more buyers on Fiverr you need to stay active most of the time. Complete your beginner’s profile by creating 7 active gigs.
Make sure to select the categories and subcategories of your gigs properly. Lastly, respond to your clients as quickly as possible to improve your engagement rate.

How Can I Find Clients on Fiverr?

By using the following steps you can find clients on Fiverr easily.
– Create a professional profile
– Look for relevant gigs
– Stay active on Fiverr
– Create long-term relations with clients
– Send buyer request


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