How to Get Fake Fiverr Reviews?

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Fake Fiverr reviews help to gain clients’ trust without actually working for them.

When people go through the Fiverr profile, they look for the reviews to know how efficient the seller is and how well he does according to requirements.

That’s the reason why new sellers opt for fake reviews. Yes, you heard it right, reviews on Fiverr can be faked just to grab the attention of buyers.

There are many ways you can opt to get Fake reviews on Fiverr. But the simplest method is to create multiple accounts on Fiverr as a buyer and review your original seller account.

However, this method is not efficient as it takes a lot of time. To help you here we have compiled the best ways to get the best Fiverr reviews possible in a short time. So let’s dive in.

3 Ways to Get Fake Fiverr com Reviews?

Getting positive reviews on Fiverr is one of the efficient ways to enhance gig popularity and attract more buyers to the business. With more buyers, you can generate more sales and stand out from the Fiverr crowd by appearing in the top positions.

Because of this, newbie sellers choose the fake reviews strategy to boost their gigs, and here are some easy ways to do that. Have a look.

1. Create Multiple Buyer Accounts

The simple and cost-effective way to get fake reviews is to create many buyer Accounts on Fiverr and review your original seller account. This trick will take some time but it is difficult to spot by the Fiverr community and buyers.

Remember you can leave only one review on a gig from one account because Fiverr allows buyers to write only one review for one delivery.

2. Hire Writers to Get Fake Fiverr Reviews

The second way to get reviews on Fiverr is to pay for them. Many writers are available on Fiverr who are willing to write fake reviews on gigs.

They contact sellers to know about their services and expertise just to write a relevant review that boosts gig engagement. But you need to pay some fee to such Fiverr users to get positive reviews.

Moreover, fake reviews are against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and can get your account banned.

3. Use Different IP Addresses

The third and last way to get positive fake reviews is by using different IPs or email addresses.

Many Fiverr users opt for this trick to add reviews to their gigs for better engagement. This method is difficult to pull off but has less possibility to get detected by Fiverr.

Perks of Getting Fake Fiverr Reviews

The main benefit of fake reviews is new sellers don’t have to wait for a long time to get their first order.

They can confidently show off their services to new clients to gain their confidence and offer them what they expect.

Secondly, fake reviews help to boost the level of sellers. More buyers get access to gigs and revenue gets a huge boost.

Lastly, fake reviews do not look fake if written by experts. Because of this, it becomes difficult to tell whether the review is original or fake.

To enjoy the benefits of fake Fiverr com reviews, all you need to do is to hire Fiverr users who are willing to give your gig positive feedback at less cost.

Should You Get Fake Fiverr Reviews?

Are you thinking of getting fake reviews for better gig engagement?

If so, you must stop thinking about it. Fake reviews come at a cost and they are not worth it.

They might get you to Level 1 or 2 but won’t do anything to get you ranked in the top spots. Also, it is necessary to know Fiverr has a trust and confidence team that monitors patterns among sellers actively.

If you get spotted by the Fiverr community, your reputation can get damaged or make you look untrustworthy.

Because of all these reasons, it is better to avoid getting Fake reviews and focus on quality work. Make sure to use relevant tags in your gigs and do proper optimization to appear on the Fiverr result page.

Moreover, you will need a high volume of traffic, multiple repeat clients, and much more to improve your profile and gig ranking.

Video Guide: How to Get Fake Fiverr Reviews

If you are facing any trouble in implementing the above methods to get fake reviews then you must watch a video tutorial.

Here is the video you must watch to avoid unnecessary trouble

Bringing It All Together

With a large number of positive reviews, you can boost your chances of getting sales. According to a study by Harvard Business School, a single-star rating leads to a 5 to 9% increase in revenue.

Reviews help to build reputation, trust, and business credibility and give buyers more confidence to get your freelance services on Fiverr. Getting original reviews from clients can be time taking that’s why sellers thought about fake reviews.

There are many ways to get fake reviews on Fiverr and a lot of people offer to write fake positive feedback for you if you pay them a small fee.

This offer might be tempting for you if you are desperate for positive reviews but you must know it is not worth it. Think twice before you hire anyone for fake reviews on Fiverr as they can damage your reputation or make your account banned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible to Fake Reviews on Fiverr?

Yes, it is possible to fake reviews on Fiverr. You can fake as many reviews as you want but you have to pay for each of them if you do not want to get noticed by Fiverr. There are many ways to get fake reviews but they can make you untrustworthy or damage your reputation. So avoid choosing this option to gain the buyer’s attention.

Is It Safe To Get Fake Fiverr Reviews?

You can safely get fake reviews using the appropriate methods. You can get fake reviews on Fiverr safely by making multiple accounts, using different IPs, or hiring writers. But this is not the right way to enhance the gig ranking as there are chances to get caught by Fiverr’s team.

Can Fiverr Detect Fake Reviews?

Yes, Fiverr can detect fake reviews. It has a trust and confidence team that actively monitors the patterns of sellers. In case of any illegal activity, the team gives a warning to the seller or has the authority to suspend the account.


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