How to Increase Order Completion Rate on Fiverr?

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By maintaining the order completion rate on Fiverr you can boost your selling level.

But things always do not go well according to plan. Sometimes sellers get rid of toxic clients by canceling the order.

This strategy helps clients to focus on better orders but affects the order completion rate.

Because of this many sellers are worried that their Fiverr order completion rate not increasing.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. There are many ways to maintain your order completion rate to 100%.

First, communicate effectively with your clients and set expectations from the beginning. Do not exaggerate your services because if you are unable to do them, you will get a bad review or less rating.

Maintain the quality of your work and reply to clients responsively. Lastly, do not cancel any of your orders as this directly affects the order completion rate.

Moreover, in this blog, we will share the best tips to boost your Fiverr order competition rate effortlessly. So let’s get started.

Best Ways to Increase Order Completion Rate on Fiverr?

Order completion meaning is you deliver orders on Fiverr without any cancellation. It is one of the factors of Fiverr’s ranking algorithm and helps on boosting the selling level.

But sometimes, sellers get orders they are not feasible to do. In such cases, sellers cancel the order after communicating with clients and this effect their order rate.

If you are having the same issue, the following tips are for you. Have a look at them.

1. Set Expectations from the Start

It is better to communicate with clients first about the requirement before they place any order.

You can share your previous work with the clients and set clear expectations.

Just offer the services you can provide effortlessly in minimum time.

Tell your client when will you start the project and keep them updated on the progress.

Also, in case of delays, be sure to tell them before the delivery time. In this way, they will be aware of what they are getting and leave a positive review on your profile.

2. Deliver Quality Work

Maintain the quality of your work to meet the buyer’s expectations. Make sure your work is original and error-free.

If in case you are not able to deliver quality work, you may want to offer them a discount on future orders or consider refunding the buyer.

Furthermore, clients can cancel the order if they do not like the work and you can do nothing about it. So try to offer high-quality work and maintain your order completion rate.

3. Stay Responsive

It is necessary to stay active while you are working on an order. This is because most buyers are eager to know their project progress.

Be sure to respond to them as quickly as possible if your client asks any questions about their order. Your responsive attitude will show clients you are committed to offering excellent customer service with quality work.

4. Don’t Cancel Any Order

To increase the order completion rate on Fiverr you mustn’t cancel any order.

Satisfying the clients with quality work is the main concern of sellers. But sometimes clients place orders by seeing the gig without communicating with the seller.

Because of this seller got confused and to avoid running their work quality they cancel the order which reduce their completion rate.

If the same thing happens to you, consider communicating with the client and try to offer your best services. Ask clients to increase the delivery time so that you can find a way to complete their work.

5. Contact Customer Support

If there is no other option than canceling an order, consider contacting Fiverr customer support.

Both the buyer and the seller can request order cancellation through the Resolution Center.

In this way, the order will get canceled automatically and the order completion rate will not get affected.

Video Guide: How to Increase Order Completion Rate on Fiverr?

Watch the following video, if you are still having trouble increasing your order completion rate on Fiverr.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

The calculation of the Fiverr order completion rate is based on the last 60 days. If in any case you or the buyer cancel the order, don’t worry.

Make sure to complete multiple orders within the next 60 days to improve your order completion rate. You should also follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain a 100% completion rate and avoid canceling your orders.

Moreover, if you only focus on boosting your order rate, your overall earnings will reduce. The reason is you can only complete small orders in minimum time that will be worth less.

So take some time and focus on getting higher orders that pay you more. Also, consider increasing the rate of your gigs to value your services.


How do I increase my order completion on Fiverr?

Fiverr calculates the order competition rate after 60 days. So make sure to complete more orders without canceling any of them within the next 60 days if you want to boost the order rate. However, if you need to cancel an order consider contacting Fiverr Customer Support.

How does Fiverr calculate the order completion rate?

Fiverr calculates the completion rate using the following formula
Completion Rate = (Y * 100) / X
X = All orders (both completed and canceled orders in the last 60 days)
Y = Only completed order


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