How to Send Buyer Request on Fiverr?

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A seller must send Buyer Request on Fiverr as it is one of the effective ways to get potential clients.

By sending requests, sellers can showcase their services and get more orders in less time.

There are many ways to attract clients on Fiverr but this way is considered effective as with an engaging offer template, the seller can win an order instantly.

Here is the simple way to send a buyer request on Fiverr that will help you to get more orders

Open your seller profile on Fiverr and click on My Business to open the Buyer Request screen. On the Buyer request page, you will see multiple requests. Review all the requests and choose the ones that relate to your services precisely.

Click on Send offer option on the request you pick. Now, precisely explain yourself, your services, and a reason why a buyer should hire you. Set the rate, delivery time, and other fields according to buyer requirements and click on Submit Offer.

Moreover, in this blog, we will share the step-by-step guide to sending buyer’s requests so that sellers can easily create offers without making any mistakes. So let’s begin.

How does Buyers’ Request Work on Fiverr?

Buyers’ requests is a Fiverr feature that allows buyers to post their projects so that they can work with the sellers of their choice without extending the budget limit. 

Buyers post their requests with their project description, budget, and time limit and sent them to the Fiverr community. Fiverr then shows this request to only those sellers who have the same keywords in their gigs. 

If the seller thinks, the buyer’s request meets the criteria, he can submit an offer by attaching the right gig. Buyers can review all the offers made by sellers and approve the ones that fulfill all the requirements.

How to Send a Buyer’s Request from a Desktop? 

Following are the easy and efficient steps to send a buyer’s request from Desktop you must follow to get more orders on Fiverr.

  • Log in to your Fiverr account
  • Switch to a Seller account by clicking on Become a Seller option
  • Go to the My Business option and select Buyer Requests
  • Now you will be at the Buyer Requests page. Review all the available requests and determine which one is right for you
  • Click on the Send Offer button. A new pop-up window will appear
  • Choose the right gig you want to send with the buyer’s request
  • After attaching the gig, fill in all the sections with the right details
  • Describe your offer with precise and clear wording and explain why you are the perfect fit for the particular job
  • Now pick the Delivery time, Amount, Number of revisions, and all other details
  • After filling up all the sections, click on Submit Offer button. That’s it your buyer request has been sent successfully

How to Send a Buyer’s Request from a Mobile?

Use the following steps to send a precise buyer request from the mobile app. 

  • Login to the Fiverr app and move to your profile page
  • Turn on the Seller mode
  • Scroll down until you see Buyer Request and click on it 
  • Review all the requests and choose the one that suits your service precisely
  • Fill all the gig sections accurately and click on Send Offer
  • Swipe right to see the other Buyer Requests you want to apply for and you are done

How to Send Custom Offers on Fiverr?

Fiverr allow sellers to send custom offers to buyers according to their requirements. Custom offers are the best way for sellers to expand their business on Fiverr.

You can send potential buyers a custom offer instead of directing them to a gig when they send you a direct message with large projects. Here are some easy steps to send a custom offer you must know as a seller on Fiverr.

  • Log in to Fiverr and switch to Seller mode
  • Go to Messages from the main menu
  • Click on See All in Inbox if your message is down in the list
  • Open the chat of buyers to whom you want to send a custom offer
  • Click on Create an Offer option
  • Select the right gig to attach to your custom offer
  • Select the Single payment option if you want the buyer to pay for you at once after the completion. But if the project is big and you want to get paid for each completed milestone then select the Milestones option 
  • Write only precise details in your Describe Offer section. Set amount, revisions, delivery time, and all other options according to the requirements of the buyer
  • Once you fill all the sections accurately, click Send Offer button and you are done 

Video Guide: How to Send Buyer Request on Fiverr?

If even after reading the above guide you are finding it difficult to send buyer requests then the following video is for you. In this tutorial, you will learn the best tips to send buyer requests. So must watch it.

Video Source: Square Guru

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Optimization of the Fiverr gig is not enough until you send the buyer requests. These requests connect you with potential buyers and give you a chance to win an order.

Remember Fiverr only shows the requests to sellers with relevant keywords. So use proper keywords in your gigs and select categories precisely.

When you see the buyer request, use the steps we have mentioned above to send the good buyer request in less time. if the buyer likes your offer, he can hire you immediately.


How do I send a good buyer request on Fiverr?

To send a reasonable buyer request on Fiverr, you first need to read the buyer request completely and make sure the request relates to your service and you can offer your best services without getting into much trouble. Ask project-related questions to clear up your confusion. Now follow these steps to send a good buyer request.   

  • Choose the buyer request you want to respond to and click on Send Offer option
  • Precisely write about your services and explain why a buyer should hire you
  • Set the delivery time, amount, revisions, and other fields 
  • Attach the right gig with the offer and click on Submit Offer

How do I send a buyer a Message on Fiverr?

To send the buyer a message, use the following steps

  • Go to the buyer’s profile page and click on Send Message button
  • Type the engaging message in the text box and click Send
  • The message will be sent to the buyer and Fiverr will notify the Fiverr about the message

How do I approach buyers on Fiverr?

There are different ways to approach buyers on Fiverr and here are the best ones that help

  • Send buyer requests
  • Promote your gig on social media
  • Start selling your services at low rates
  • Stay active often

Moreover, review top sellers’ profiles and see the buyers who give them positive reviews. Send these buyers an engaging message and offer your best services so that they can hire you.

How do I add a buyer request on Fiverr?

As you buyer, you can add a buyer request on Fiverr using the following steps

  • Login to Fiverr and go to your buyer profile page
  • Click on the Post a Request option and a new page will appear
  • Describe yourself and enter project details in their respective sections. Attach necessary files that relate to your project. 
  • Select the Category that fits your project
  • Choose which Industry you work in. This field is optional so you can avoid it and click on the Continue button
  • Now select the project deadline and enter your budget. Review your brief and click on Submit & get matched button


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