What is the Fiverr Gig Image Size and Its Optimization Tips?

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The right Fiverr gig image size helps sellers to enhance impressions and click rates.

While optimizing the gig, it is necessary to use an accurate thumbnail size as it leaves a first impression on buyers.

When a buyer searches for keywords on Fiverr, he first sees the image and according to the thumbnail, he decides to open the gig or ignore it.

If you are looking for the right gig thumbnail size, here is a precise solution for you.

Set the gig image size to 1280 px x 769 px for high resolution and the gig thumbnail to 550 px by 370 px. Plus, don’t exceed the 5 MB size limit. After setting the resolution, add precise text, keywords, and personal images to the thumbnail. Also, add past work, and customer positive feedback to show how much capable you are.    

Furthermore, in this blog post, we will share the right gig image size and how you can optimize it efficiently. So let’s begin the discussion.

What is the Best Thumbnail Size for a Fiverr GIG Image?

Fiverr takes a lot of consideration when it comes to making thumbnails for a gig.

Based on Fiverr’s community guidelines, the platform maintains strong qualitative requirements for gig images and thumbnails. 

The best thumbnail size for a Fiverr gig image is 550 px by 370 px.

These dimensions are selected by Fiverr and allow sellers to create stunning images for a gig.

But the image size must be within 5 MB. If the size is high then Fiverr will not allow you to upload it.

What is the Fiverr Gig Photo Size in Pixel?

The size of the Fiverr gig photo should be 1280 px x 769 px at 72 DPI.

At this resolution, image quality is high and buyers can read the image text clearly from a distance.

The minimum Fiverr gig dimension is 712 px x 430 px and the maximum dimension is 4000 px x 2416 px.

Between these resolutions, you can set any number for a gig image but pick the right formats like PNG, JPEG, and JPG.

Remember if you choose the minimum dimension of 712 x 430 px, the image will be blurred and can leave a negative impact on buyers.

So pick the resolution above this dimension. You can also preview the image before uploading it to Fiverr to see if its quality is high or not.

Best Tricks to Optimize Fiverr Gig Image 

Here are some simple and efficient tips that will help you to optimize the Fiverr gig image in less time. Have a look at them and boost your gig exposure.

1. Maintain the Resolution of the Gig Image

To do the SEO of the gig image, you must maintain its resolution as specified by Fiverr.

By using the 1280 px x 769 px resolution you can keep the gig image sharp, clear, and free from distractions.

This high quality will allow buyers to read the content with a bird’s eye view and leave a good impression on them.

2. Pick a Relevant Image for the Gig Thumbnail

Your gig thumbnail must relate to your gig service so that buyers can know what you are offering.

You can find many templates online that relate to your field but must pick high-quality images to avoid damaging the gig quality.

If you pick a random photo for your gig thumbnail then buyers will get confused about what you are offering on Fiverr.

So must pick a precise photo. Furthermore, add your target audience references in the image instead of 3D objects and other elements. This is an effective approach to attracting the attention of clients. 

3. Include Past Work Reference to the Image

To gain the trust of clients, make sure to add your previously approved work to the gig.

You can add before and after photos, images of positive work reviews, or client feedback in the Gig gallery section.

By reviewing these images, buyers will get an idea of what they should expect from you.

Furthermore, never exaggerate about your services or use clickbait because this leaves a bad impression on buyers.

Always include your legit work and mention the services you can offer effortlessly.  

4. Make Your Gig Images Attractive

The best way to get more views on a gig is that you make an attractive thumbnail.

To add elegance to your gig, you can use attractive fonts, colors, and layouts.

The more aesthetically pleasing your thumbnail is, the more likely buyers will click on the gig.

Also, make sure that the images you use are unique.

To keep your thumbnail unique, search service-related keywords on Fiverr and see what images other sellers are using and avoid using these images for your gig thumbnail.

5. Keep the Image Text Precise

The main purpose of a gig thumbnail is that it allows buyers to know what the seller is offering. You can help buyer to understand your services by writing text in the thumbnail.

You can add a lot of text to the image but this is not a good approach. Make sure to keep the text precise, clear, and engaging.

Think from the buyer’s point of view and add only the necessary text. Enhances the font of the text so that with a bird’s eye view buyers can read everything.

Furthermore, instead of writing long paragraphs use the list and bullets approach. Explain your services and the perks of working with you in bullets so that within seconds buyers can decide whether they should hire you or not.

In addition, avoid using a negative tone in the text. This means you must not include words like mistake, failure, rejected, or words like that.

Instead, use positive words like success, approved, and achievement. By using these words, you can enhance the CTR of your gig. 

6. Add Keywords to Fiverr Gig Image

To boost the exposure of your gig and to get it ranked on Fiverr, you must use keywords in the gig image.

Use your service-related keywords in the image to describe what your gig is about.

Moreover, name your image according to the gig title for better optimization and impressions.

To find the right keywords for your gig image you can use the Fiverr search bar or free Keyword research tools. 

7. Show Your Face

To tell buyers you are an authentic seller, add your image to the gig thumbnail.

Make sure the image you upload is of high quality and shows a professional attitude.

You can use a full body image for a better impression otherwise only a face image is enough to attract more buyers. 

Which Tools You Can Use to Create Perfect Gig Image on Fiverr?

To create an attractive gig image you don’t need to create a design from scratch.

There are many professional tools you can use to make engaging images.

But not all of these tools are free to use. You need to pay a subscription fee to access their features to create your desired image.

However, here we will discuss the top graphic design tools that are easy to use and do not demand any subscription fee.

So have a look at these tools and select which one you want to use to create your Fiverr gig thumbnail. 

1. Adobe Photoshop

This is an all-in-one professional graphic design tool and an image editor that can be used to create multiple photos in a short time.

You don’t need any experience to use this tool because of its friendly interface.

You can access all the tools and features easily as everything is in front of the eyes.

With the help of adobe photoshop, you can make any kind of pixel-based images designed for mobile apps, print, and the web.

Adobe Photoshop gives you the freedom to design any type of template and images for your gig with ease.

If you still find it difficult to create images through this tool then watch its in-app tutorial video for a quick guide.

2. Canva

The other best and most well-known tool for designing Fiverr gig images is Canva.

In this tool, you can access more than 250,000 free templates and hundred of creative design solutions.

It is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop because of its easy-to-use interface and free access to templates.

You can use any type of design here to attract more clients to your gig. To access its features, you don’t need to spend any penny. 

With a basic account, you can create multiple amazing gig images in less time.

However, with a premium plan, you can access the additional features and give a professional look to the gig image.

Video Guide: What is the Fiverr Gig Image Size and Its Optimization Tips?

If you are still finding it difficult to do the SEO optimization of the Fiverr gig image, the following video is for you.

In this guide, you will learn the proper steps to optimize the image without making any mistakes. So must watch it. 


Wrapping It All Up!!!

With an optimized gig image, it becomes easy to attract buyers to the gig.

Because a quality image, allows buyers to read the text without even opening it.

There are many tools to optimize the gig thumbnail and image but you must use Canva because of its hundreds of free templates and easy user interface.

Also, use the tips we have discussed above to do SEO of your gig image and boost impressions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Size of the Gig Image on Fiverr?

The size of the gig image must be between 712 px x 430 px and 4000 px x 2416 px. However, the size for a gig thumbnail is 550 px by 370 px.

What is the Perfect Size for a Gig Image?

The perfect size for a gig image should be 1280 px x 769 px at 72 DPI. The reason is at this resolution image has a high quality and better text clarity. Buyers can read all the text easily from a distance to know what the buyer is offering.

How do I Optimize My Gig Image on Fiverr?

Image optimization of Fiverr helps a lot to boost impressions, clicks, and buyer attention. Here are the simple steps that will help you to optimize the gig image in less time.

  • Set the right resolution for the image
  • Pick the service-related image
  • Include work references in the image
  • Add service-related keywords to the image
  • Use the right font color, style, and size
  • Add precise and clear text to the image
  • Add your face photo 


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