Where Do I Find Buyer Requests on Fiverr?

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Buyer requests on Fiverr allow sellers to offer their services in a personalized manner.

When buyers post projects on Fiverr, only sellers with similar keywords or services got to see them.

They can respond to those requests by offering the right gig and affordable pricing.

But new sellers find it difficult to locate buyer requests on Fiverr as they are not familiar with the platform.

The easiest way to find buyer requests on Fiverr is: Log in to Fiverr and switch to selling mode. Click on My Business and then choose the Buyer Request option.

Once you click on this option a new screen will open where you can see multiple buyer requests with time duration, budget, and the number of offers sent. 

Moreover, in this blog, we will share in detail, how you can see Fiverr requests and what are the reasons they don’t show up. So let’s begin.

3 Easy Steps to Find Buyer Requests on Fiverr?

Buyers can post requests on Fiverr to find the right freelancers for their projects.

These requests are only shown to sellers that offer relevant services or have relevant tags in their gigs.

Here are some steps to view these Fiverr requests, have a look at them, and boost your order rate.

1. Log in to Seller Account

In the buyer account, you can only view the gigs of other sellers. So first, switch to seller mode to access special features.

First, log in to Fiverr and click on Switch to Selling button next to the profile image in the top right corner. Once you press this button you will switch to your seller Dashboard screen.

2. Select Buyers Requests

If you are using Fiverr on a Desktop, Click on “My Business” in the menu. A drop-down menu will appear and select Buyers Request here.

However, if you are using Fiverr on a mobile, scroll down the profile until you see “Buyers Requests” and click on it.

3. Review all Requests

On the buyer’s requests page, you will see a list of active requests that match your related keywords.

In a request block, you will see the number of offers buyers have received, the length of time they are accepting offers, and their budget.

You can send offers to all these requests, but chose only the ones that you can handle effortlessly and fulfill the client’s expectations.

How to Post Buyer Request Fiverr?

Review the following steps to post a buyer request efficiently.

  • Log in to your Fiverr buyer account
  • Click on the “Post a Request” option
  • Add project description
  • Set category and sub-category
  • Select delivery duration
  • Add an appropriate  budget according to the project

After entering all the fields with the necessary information, click on “Submit” and you are done.

Why I can’t see Buyer Requests on Fiverr?

There are many reasons, why you can’t see any buyer requests on your seller profile. Have a look at them and find the real reason why you are not seeing Fiverr requests.

1. No Active Gigs

Fiverr only shows buyer requests to sellers who have active gigs. So if you have not published any gig on Fiverr yet, you will not see the buyer requests. To see the buyer requests, publish more gigs on your seller account.

2. Gigs are too Niche

By selecting only limited subcategories for a gig, you will make your gig too specific. In other words, the range of your gig will reduce and Fiverr will find it difficult to relate your gig with the buyer requests.

3. Wrong Gig Category

If you select the wrong category for your gig, you will not see the buyer requests or see the ones that you can’t do. The reason is, Fiverr will link your gig with the wrong requests according to the categories you select in a gig.

4. Less Response Time

The other reason, you can’t see buyers’ requests is that you have less response time. The best response time you can have is 1 hour. But if your response rate is more than 3 hours then Fiverr will penalize your profile for showing a Fiverr buyer’s request.

Furthermore, if you have just created a seller profile, you will not see any buyer request. However, Fiverr will resolve this new profile issue in some days automatically.

5. Fiverr New Policy

Fiverr has introduced some changes in its policy. According to this policy, Fiverr only shows buyer requests to those sellers who completely meet the buyer’s requirements. All the other sellers will not be able to see any buyer requests until they fulfill all the requirements.

Video Guide: Where Do I Find Buyer Requests on Fiverr?

Are you still getting trouble finding the buyer requests on Fiverrr? If so, the following video is for you.

Make sure to watch it to resolve all possible problems.

Video Credits: Chris Tech Guide

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Making a gig on Fiverr is not enough until you optimize the gig with the right keywords and categories.

Make sure to select the right category and subcategory for your gig to link it with the right buyer’s requests.

Also, stay online and respond to clients immediately to maintain the Fiverr response rate.

Complete your profile by making 7 gigs and keep them active so that Fiverr can show you buyer requests.

After you see the buyer’s request, attach the right gig with it and write a creative offer to impress the client and win the order on Fiverr.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Buyer’s Request on Fiverr?

Buyer request is a Fiverr feature that allows buyers to post their projects to work with the right sellers at an affordable rate. All sellers with related services can offer to work on the request. But only the buyer can decide which seller he wants to work with.

How do you get Buyer’s Requests on Fiverr?

On the desktop, go to My Business. Here you will see Buyer’s requests. Click on this option and you will be directed to the requests page.
But on the mobile app, go to the profile section and scroll until you see Buyer Resquest. Just click on the option and you are all set.

Why don’t I see Buyer Requests on Fiverr?

There are many reasons why you can’t see any buyer requests on your profile and some of them are
– Your gig has the wrong category
– You have misspelled the gig title
– Low response rate
– No active gig
– Different time zones
– Your gig is niche specific
– Fiverr new policy

How do you know if a Buyer is Legit on Fiverr?

New sellers mostly get confused when a buyer contacts them directly. Their confusion is genuine as some people do fraud. However, you can know if a buyer is legit or not by using the following tricks
– Visit the buyer profile and read sellers’ reviews to have a clear idea about buyer
– Check the tone and language the buyer is using to post a request
– Check if the request has clear details about the project or not
– See the budget of the buyer according to the project

How do I find Buyers on Fiverr?

Through the buyer’s request, you can find buyers on Fiverr. This is the simplest way to get to work with new buyers. But if you don’t see multiple requests then review top sellers’ profiles and scroll until you see their review section. Read the reviews and directly contact the buyers to share your offers.


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