Why is No One Buying My Fiverr Gig?

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Usually, new sellers ask this question why is no one buying my Fiverr gig?

This is because Fiverr uses a specific algorithm to rank gigs on search pages.

You might face this trouble as a new seller and want to know to exact reason behind this.

The common reason why no one is buying from you is that the gig you make is not enough competitive to beat other sellers.

In addition to that, there are many reasons why your gig is not performing well.

In this blog, we will review all these reasons and help you avoid them. So let’s dive in.

Reasons Why is No One Buying Your Fiverr Gig

There could be many reasons why is no one buying your gig on Fiverr and here is some of them.

1. Gig is Not Attractive

The main reason why your gig does not sell is that it’s not attractive to compete with other sellers.

Remember that you can not sell your services by only creating a gig. You need to make it precise, attractive, and functional.

To add attraction to the gig,  you can add high-quality custom images to it. Modify the image according to your niche to leave a good impression on buyers.

You can also add a video to a gig to impress clients. Moreover, review the gigs of professional sellers to see what they are doing differently to get orders.

2. You are not Offering a Unique Service

Fiverr is a huge freelancing platform as many freelancers are offering their services here.

Because of this, there is huge competition and it is not easy for new sellers to get clients and orders.

Especially buyers will not buy your Fiverr gig if you are offering something that many other sellers are currently providing.

To avoid this situation, make sure to select the service that only a few Fiverr users are offering.

3. You Didn’t Select the Right Category for the Gig

Like the niche, it is necessary to select the right category and subcategory for your gig.

If you do not pick the accurate categories then your gig will not get ranked.

Furthermore, you will see buyer requests that will not relate to your services and your time will get wasted.

That’s why picking up the wrong category is one of the reasons clients are not buying your gig.

4. High Rates

Lastly, your clients will not buy your gig if it has high rates. Indeed you will make a profit by offering services at more rates.

But as a beginner, you will not order because of this. New sellers need to keep their rates as low as $5 to sell their services and attract clients.

Video Guide: Why is No One Buying My Fiverr Gig?

Still, finding it difficult to sell your Fiverr gig? We have you covered. Watch the following video to see the mistakes you are doing and avoid them to get orders.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Many sellers are finding it difficult to sell their gigs because they are not aware of the Fiverr ranking technique.

Plus, they make the mistake we have mentioned above. If you are making the same mistakes, now is the time to correct them.

Otherwise, your gigs will never get ranked and buyers will not buy your services.

To make your gig sell quickly, optimize it properly and promote it on multiple social media platforms. In a short time, you will get your orders and your gigs will get ranked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is my Fiverr gig not selling?

The major reason why your gig is not selling is it is not enough competitive to stand out. To compete with other sellers, review the gigs of other sellers and see how they are selling their services and make their gigs attractive. Once you overcome the difference, your gig will start selling.

Why is my gig not getting orders?

There could be many reasons why your gig is not getting orders. But some common reasons are your gig is not optimized, it does contain attractive images, you are not active on Fiverr, and gig information is not precise. If you have any of these issues with your gig, correct them immediately.

How do I get my gig seen on Fiverr?

Use the following tips to get your gig seen on Fiverr.
– Provide High quality and original work
– Deliver orders on time and avoid cancellations
– Stay active and respond to clients immediately
– Share gig on multiple social media platforms


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